ACCOMMODATION-ONLY company has revamped its website for the trade as it expands into the Caribbean and targets an extra 20,000 customers.

The new-look site went live this week featuring Barbados, its first new Caribbean destination, with around 60 three to five-star properties.

Six other Caribbean islands including Antigua, St Kitts, Grenada, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Bahamas were due to be added this week with around 20 properties on each. At least one agent educational is also being planned.

Sales and marketing director Theo Demetriou said: “We already offer Florida, with villas in and around Orlando, so the Caribbean was a natural extension. We are staying away from the mass market and are doing more bookings in the five-star market than anywhere else.”

To maintain high standards, the site has already dropped 80 properties this year which fell below acceptable levels following health and safety checks and replaced them with other hotels.

The site is targeting passenger carryings of 65,000-68,000 next year, compared to 48,000 this year.

The revamped site now allows agents to book multiple hotel rooms in one sale. Previously agents would have to make separate bookings for each room.

The 18-month-old company has also introduced its own commissionable transfers in all its destinations, which include Europe and Orlando. Until now it has used Holiday Taxis in a white-label deal.

Future plans include adding booking history to the site to allow agents to check ongoing sales and make amendments where necessary. This is expected to happen in a month’s time.