Travel Weekly has teamed up with Destination NSW and Qantas on the Send Me To Sydney campaign. We spoke to Qantas’ Stephanie Seymour to find out more.

Q. What is your key focus at the moment?
A. Our focus is embedding our exciting new network, which provides better customer choice between the UK, Asia and Australia. If your customers are travelling to Sydney, for instance, you’ve now got two great Qantas options to choose from, via our Asian hub in Singapore or through our recently-introduced non-stop services to Perth.

Q. The Send me to Sydney competition is all about premium product. What sets Qantas apart on that front?
A. We’re on the cusp of our 100th anniversary and our ability to consistently offer premium service is something we’re famous for. However, being premium isn’t just about exceptional service, modern aircraft and superb inflight experiences. It’s also about safety you can rely on, giving customers options and being innovative. We’re a premium carrier in the traditional sense but we’re also so much more.

Q. You’re working with Destination NSW on this campaign. Is this part of an ongoing partnership and why is it such a good fit?
A. We have a longstanding and strong relationship with Destination NSW and we know that state better than any airline in the world. With over 50 domestic destinations, our network’s breadth and depth is second to none.

Q. Qantas has a long-standing relationship with the travel trade. Where do travel agents and operators fit into your strategy?
A. We have good, strong relationships with our trade partners and highly value and appreciate the support they provide to Qantas. It’s all part of our channel mix to make sure we’re delivering the range of services customers deserve and travel agents and operators are something many people rely upon. We want to build and maintain our relationships with agents and operators – they’re ultimately representing our brand each and every day so they are really important to us.

Q. If a travel agent asked you to recommend a single ‘dream moment’ to showcase the premium offerings of NSW, what would that be?
A. I’ve got a few that I’ve already experienced having spent the majority of my career working for the flying kangaroo. However, nothing beats a weekend along Sydney’s iconic harbour; dinner at Rockpool Bar and Grill followed by drinks at the Opera Bar overlooking the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge.