The Travel Network Group is to roll out a new booking platform for members which will provide automated payments and receipts as well as live API feeds for searching and booking products online.

The platform underwent testing last month with the group’s seven owned-stores and will become available to all members from early next year.

It has been developed over the last 12 months by the group’s in-house team and Traveltek, and will replace the existing system run by TravelCat.

The platform will be able to generate bespoke documentation and reports and will be rolled out to members of Worldchoice Plus first, then TTA and Worldchoice.

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The Travel Network Group attracts more new members

Travel Network Group chief executive Gary Lewis said: “We announced that IT would represent our single biggest investment in 2019 at our conference back in March, and I am delighted that we have kept to our commitment with the new technology staring to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

“Our members are crying out for the new tech to become available and the feedback so far has been incredibly encouraging.

“We all know that tech is one of the biggest challenges in our industry, and we feel if we can get this right for members, then we are really adding value to them and their businesses.

“We have seen already that our new platform can deliver market-leading technology solutions, which will not only drive efficiencies for members but also be cost effective.”