Aurora Expeditions is to name its second purpose-built adventure ship Sylvia Earle after an acclaimed marine biologist and oceanographer.

The vessel, being built to world-class polar standards, is due to be launched in Ushuaia, Argentina, in October 2021.

Working in parallel with Greg Mortimer, the Australian mountaineer and founder of Aurora Expeditions, Sylvia Earle will channel its marine-conservation ethos in Polar regions and other destinations as the ship sails from south to north and vice-versa.

The 126-passenger ship will be the second in the fleet to sail with an inverted bow design, in combination with dynamic stabilisers, to improve stability and help cut fuel consumption by up to 60%, according to the Australian line.

The vessels claim to be powered by the lowest polluting marine engines in the world, due to a combination of low energy consumption, high fuel-efficiency and a streamlined design.

The ‘Tier 3’ engine delivers an 80% reduction in emissions and can utilise virtual anchoring to hold its position instead of dropping an anchor onto the sea floor.

On-board desalination plants convert seawater to fresh water that is safe to drink. This means less fresh water is carried to further reduce fuel consumption.

Dr Sylvia Earle, the first woman to become chief scientist of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said: “Ninety-seven per cent of earth’s water is ocean. It is our life support system and we need to learn everything we can about it.

“I see great synergy in working closely with a company that shares my vision for the future and which is, from the top down, passionate about the marine environment.

“Through travelling with Aurora Expeditions on the Sylvia Earle, I feel it is an incredible opportunity for people to learn about these marine habitats in situ, and as a result, become ambassadors for protecting them.”

Aurora Expeditions managing director Robert Halfpenny said: “We are proud to be working with Sylvia on plans for the new ship.

“Our ships are designed primarily to connect people with the environment and everything Sylvia does encapsulates what lies at the core of Aurora Expeditions own beliefs and practices.”

“In keeping with Sylvia’s own vision and achievements, the Sylvia Earle will have a large focus on marine education and conservation.”