The Mail on Sunday will publish a 32-page touring and adventure supplement next month to capitalise on growth in the sector.

The national newspaper is part of Mail Metro Media, an associate member of the Association of Touring and Adventure Suppliers (Atas) and sponsor of Atas events.

Its involvement in Atas and Travel Weekly’s latest supplement, Touring & Adventure: The Hotlist, has shown the newspaper how well the sector is thriving.

Sarah Hartley, travel editor of the Mail on Sunday, said: “It has been a real revelation to me that our readers don’t seek out easy, sun-lounger holiday options as they head towards retirement.

“They grab every opportunity to explore the world, curious about culture, excited to discover different ways of life and sign up to new experiences.

“Our readers love adventure – their way. Adventure isn’t all about rock climbing and white-water rafting, although those are on their list too.

“It is about personal exploration and stepping out of the holiday comfort zone.”

Called Adventure Your Way, the publication will be distributed with the Mail on Sunday on February 23.

It aims to promote touring and adventure holidays as a “secure, structured, hassle-free and expert-led format”.