The power of the pound and price cuts in resorts mean that many of the most popular holiday destinations are now cheaper for British tourists.

The Holiday Money Report from Post Office Travel Money shows that a basket of holiday items – from meals to sun cream – will cost less than a year ago in 33 of the 42 destinations surveyed.

According the Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer in the report, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria retains its spot as the cheapest resort, with a basket of goods costing just £30.68.

The report said: “The resort’s rock-bottom prices for UK visitors have fallen a further 14.8% since last January, making it almost a third cheaper than runner-up Turkey, where prices in Marmaris are down by 2.4% year-on-year, thanks to the weak Turkish lira.”

Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach

Third-placed Tokyo (£48.21) is the best value long-haul destination, overtaking Cape Town (£59.39), which dropped to sixth place after registering a price rise of 18%.

The highest costs were found in the Seychelles, where the same basket will cost £165.10.

The biggest price fall of 44% was in Antigua (£70.51), which has risen to its highest barometer position (14th).

Tokyo Shibuya Crossing

Tokyo’s famous Shibuya Crossing

In Europe, the biggest fall in barometer costs was in Corfu (£75.91), where a drop of 21% has taken the Greek island to 16th place from 21st a year ago.

Australia is one of many destinations to benefit from sterling’s rise in value, meaning prices have plunged by 19% in Darwin (£118.96).

Singapore (£98.85) registered an 18% drop in tourist prices, while Jumeirah Beach (£126.30) in Dubai is 16% cheaper than a year ago.

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Tokyo tops best value long-haul destinations, research finds

Prices fall for UK tourists in ‘majority of European cities’

Nick Boden, Post Office Travel Money head of travel, said: “With the price falls we found in destinations worldwide, holidaymakers will have plenty of choice in the coming year – provided sterling holds its value.

“In Europe the best deals are likely to be in Bulgaria, Turkey and Portugal, while further afield Japan, Vietnam and Bali are looking good bets for the bargain-hunter.”

The report also has a Holiday Hotlist with suggestions from the Post Office, along with ‘tips for the top’ from Airbnb, Crystal Ski Holidays and Travelbag for the first time.

Airbnb chose Romania, as its bookings there rose 298% year-on-year in 2019; Crystal Ski Holidays picked ski destination Andorra, as it expects the country to gain ground in 2020; and Travelbag selected Vietnam, which saw strong growth in package holiday bookings last year.

Chile, Japan, Poland and Tobago are also among 10 hotspots as the Post Office reported surging demand for their currencies.

The basket of eight tourist staples features a three-course evening meal for two with wine, bottle of beer, glass of wine, can of Coca-Cola, large bottle of water, cup of coffee, suncream and insect repellent.

Post Office Travel Money Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer
(Survey of eight tourist items)

Bulgaria (Sunny Beach) £30.68
Turkey (Marmaris) £44.15
Japan (Tokyo) £48.21
Portugal (Algarve) £49.87
Spain (Costa del Sol) £53.16
South Africa (Cape Town) £59.39
Vietnam (Hoi An) £59.49
Indonesia (Bali) £61.43
Czech Republic (Prague) £63.02
Cyprus (Paphos) £63.22

Pictured: Tokyo (Shutterstock)