Average pay for standard travel jobs jumped in January to set a new record, new analysis reveals.

The figure of £26,337 represented a monthly rise of almost 8% and was the highest salary recorded since 2012.

But wages overall fell back by 2.73% in the month to stand at £28,337 due to a lack of higher paid executive placements.

However, January’s total was still up by almost 5% on the rolling 12-month average, according to the latest survey of new vacancies conducted by C&M Travel Recruitment and C&M Executive Recruitment.

The study highlighted a “sharp increase” in the number of new travel vacancies being made available, with January’s figure more than doubling the figure seen in December.

Last month’s total was also up compared to January 2019 and was the best January figure since 2017.

The level of new candidates soared by more than 140% from December – only 3% behind the number seen in January 2019.

C&M director Barbara Kolosinska said: “There were lots of positives to take away from last month, with the most encouraging being the big rise in new vacancies.

“After a very mixed 2019, it’s certainly encouraging to see the number of newly advertised travel jobs jumping to its highest January total for three years, and it’s also great to see the increase in new candidates beginning their job hunt. 

“For 2020 to be more successful than last year, we obviously need this to continue, and with wages for the typical job in travel jumping to a new high of £26,337, we will hopefully see lots of new candidates entering the market due to the attractive salaries on offer.”