Social media will be the focus of The Travel Network Group’s marketing strategy for 2020.

Five nationwide marketing workshops planned between March and October aim cover the basics of social media and its benefits.

A seminar will also be held London next month to focus on social media advertising.

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A new video editing platform has been made available to members so they can market tactical offers and react to industry trends.

Consortium chief executive Gary Lewis said: “After the success of our 2019 Evolution strategy, we discovered a common theme across our membership was their desire to further understand social media and capitalise on the benefits it can provide.

“We have therefore developed a roadmap of training workshops, new social media tools and services to support our members with their journey, no matter what experience level they are at.”

He added: “This new video editing tool allows members to select footage, images and text to create their own videos quickly and easily, giving them the opportunity to get tactical offers and key messages to their customers, and in doing so help drive sales.

“The demand for video is constantly growing as social media becomes an ever more important channel to engage with customers.

“Online videos now account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic and are 40 times more likely to get shared than text only posts.

“Members have also fed back how video engages their customers so much more. This new service will provide members with an innovative new service which they can utilise with little or no training.

“We are planning to roll out of lots of further initiatives to help support our members becoming more comfortable and effective with social media throughout the year.”