Not Just Travel co-founder Steve Witt says the industry needs to prepare now for a second peaks period that will see the industry bounce back

We’re hurting – that’s undisputable. There’s not one industry that’s not affected by this crisis. No one can predict how it will evolve. No one can honestly predict when it will end. However, one thing is for certain – it will pass. And when it does, the travel industry will face what I believe will be a peaks period far bigger than we’ve ever experienced before.

Yes, the landscape may be different. Yes, people’s choice of destination or type of holiday may have changed and certainly availability from those suppliers which will still be nursing their wounds will be dented – but people will be desperate to travel.

We’ll see a wave of those people who had cancelled their holidays rebooking and  we’ll witness an onslaught of families desperate to escape from having been cooped up at home for months on end. We’ll see a barrage of demand for last-minute breaks – perhaps people are already pinning their hopes on squeezing in a getaway before the kids hopefully return to school in September, and if not, October half-term will be busy to say the least.

Now is the time to prepare

Perhaps we’ll see a greater call for villa holidays – so families can still limit their exposure should remnants of the virus still exist? Perhaps we’ll see a boost in UK travel – there’s something comforting in staying close to home. And I predict that they’ll be a mass uptake on special offers – far greater than we’ve ever seen before.

The travel industry will rebound, that is a guarantee.

So, now is the time not to sit back and feel sorry for ourselves. Now is the time to prepare. We can’t control this situation, but we can control how we respond to it.

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Now is the time to educate ourselves and to improve our skills, so when this crisis passes, we all emerge stronger, more focused and more determined than ever to rebuild our businesses and our industry.

At Not Just Travel we’re embracing this period.  We’ve rolled out a structured timetable of training in which our consultants are given near daily online sessions headed up by our in-house corporate managers and outside experts.

Vital we pull together

Virtually all the tourist boards, suppliers and marketing agencies we’ve spoken to in the past week are eager to collaborate with us – in fact, they’re loving the positive initiative. In addition, we’re offering sessions on business management, telephone and sales techniques; social media and money management.

Sessions on positivity and self-belief will also ensure we get through this period mentally fit.

We’re challenging our consultants to pick up the phone to every one of their customers – and potential customers – to ensure the doors remain wide open. They’re not calling them to clinch sales – although you never know – they’re calling them to connect, to rekindle relationships and to ensure that when it comes to booking travel, they are at the forefront of their customers’ minds.

It’s our intention that not only will our consultants emerge better travel consultants, but better and brighter entrepreneurs.

It’s vital that we all pull together and stay focused on the end game. Our homeworkers joined us for the long haul. And we intend to see that we get through these tough times as a family and we’re on the front foot ready for the rebound that I assure you is coming.