Advantage Travel Partnership is to run a wellness webinar for members after partnering with start-up company Live Better Offline.

The consortium announced the partnership in its daily YouTube updates to travel agency members, in which it said it was launching “Wellness Wednesdays”.

Leisure director Kelly Cook said the company’s founder and wellness expert Alex La Vie would be hosting a webinar to help members to help members look after themselves and their families at this difficult time.

The Digital Wellbeing and COVID-19 webinar, taking place on April 7, will cover why digital wellbeing is vital in the current environment.

Cooke said the move aimed to help members working from home for the first time and help them to manage other pressures, such as home schooling.

It will  include practical changes for members to create a more happy, healthy and productive day, such as guidance on how to create a healthy balance of time online and offline, increase connection with others, reduce loneliness and improve focus in a homeworking environment, reduce stress caused by social media and news and improve sleep quality.

Members need to register to join the webinar.

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