South Wales travel agency Tailor Made Travel has offered all of its 100 staff an opportunity to take a home antibody test for Covid-19.

Chief executive Simon Morgan said the 20-branch miniple would subsidise the cost of the pin-prick tests for employees.

Morgan has previously stated his desire to re-open the stores when the time is right and staff and customers can be assured of their safety, but does not expect the full network to open until next January.

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He added: “Although we do not really know yet whether it’s possible to ‘catch it twice’ I want to be able to offer peace of mind to our teams in the eventuality that government guidelines say that having antibodies can ‘put you in the clear’.

“We’ve made it entirely voluntary and are subsidising the majority of the cost. We are asking employees to make a £49 contribution towards the cost of testing.

“The test is a pin prick test, taken at home and posted back, the results are delivered electronically via email or SMS directly to the employee.

“I firmly believe that my team will be much more settled and willing to rejoin our stores if they have the knowledge that ‘they’ve already had the bug’.”