Portugal’s prime minister has announced that the country will reopen its beaches from June 6 – with visitors to stay 1.5 metres apart.

Beach users can download an app to help them find space to adhere to the social distancing rules, Antonio Costa said.

Beach chairs will only be able to be booked for the morning or afternoon and sports of two or more people will not be allowed.

Hotels in the country plan to start reopening from June 1. Changes include guests being unable to check into their room until 24 hours after the last occupant checked out, a temporary ban on buffets and exclusive use of sunbeds for the duration of a stay.

Luis Araujo, president of the country’s tourist board, Turismo de Portugal, said: “It’s a question of making people feel safe to travel and having confidence in the place where they’re going.”

On Monday, Portugal plans to launch the second phase of its reopening after its Covid-19 lockdown, with restaurants, museums and coffee shops given the green light to reopen at reduced capacity.

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