Employees at risk of redundancy have been urged to talk to employers about alternative solutions while those who have lost jobs have been told their “personal branding” is key to finding a new role.

Speaking at C&M Travel Recruitment’s candidate webinar, employees were advised to think about options such as a salary reduction; reduced hours; unpaid leave or a sabbatical.

Travlaw partner and head of employment Ami Naru said it was important staff recognised that “at risk of redundancy” did not mean their jobs would necessarily go.

She said employees should raise alternatives such as a salary reduction during their consultation with their employer.

She said: “Employers say you are at risk of redundancy because you are entering a period of consultation. It’s to put your heads together to avoid a redundancy situation, it’s not a final decision.

“It’s only when you talk to your employer you find out there are alternatives to the redundancy situation.”

If employees are made redundant, she encouraged them to agree with their employer the wording of any references for future jobs.

“If you are going to exit that business, try to agree the wording of your reference. Employers want to help. If you can agree something that will help for your next job,” she added.

For employees now seeking new jobs, it is important to think about projecting the right image to future employers, said HR and talent professional Claire Steiner, UK director of Global Travel and Tourism Partnership.

“Your personal branding is how you project yourself to the world. It’s also your attitude; you are an ambassador for yourself,” she said.

This might be offering flexibility in the type of role you are prepared to take on or showing you are willing to train up to gain new skills, she added.

C&M Travel Recruitment director Barbara Kolosinska said improving skills and destination knowledge were an important part of “selling yourself” to a new employer.

“It will be a competitive world out there and there will be much more competition for every role; we don’t want to lose the incredible talent we’ve got in this industry,” she said.