A proportion of consumers are poised to book as a soon as the government’s ban on ocean cruising is lifted, new research reveals.

A survey by new cruise specialist Panache Cruises found that more than a quarter (26.5%) would book as soon as possible.

More than 20% are looking to summer 2021, 9.5% for winter 2021 and 10% for some time in 2022.

But almost a third (31.4%) are unsure when they would resume cruising.

Less than 2% of the 380 people who responded never plan to cruise.

James Cole, founder and managing director of Panache Cruises – set up during lockdown – said: “It’s very reassuring to see that 98.2% of the customers who responded to the survey are looking to cruise in the future, indicating that there continues to be a high level of pent up demand .

“Understandably, a good number of the comments we received suggest that some will only commit to cruising once it is safe to do so and the FCO has lifted the ban on ocean cruising, which of course makes absolute sense.”

Many who were canvassed said they were in a quandary as to whether to book now to take advantage of cruise line deals, or wait until the industry has more definitive dates of when cruising will restart.

Cole, previously with Cruise118, Six Star Cruises and River Voyages, added: “The cruise lines are offering low cost deposits from just 5%, and have incredibly flexible booking conditions, meaning that customers can move their cruise to another date if they wish, right up to within weeks, and in some instances within days, of departure.

“In my opinion, there’s nothing better than having a cruise to look forward to, especially as we head into winter, and the deals currently available are unprecedented and unlikely to be available when cruising resumes.”