Travel Weekly has created a new Guide to Homeworking along with an online directory of homeworking agencies, aimed at helping people across the travel industry who are considering a move into the homeworking sector.

The 42-page guide, published in a dedicated section of this week’s issue of Travel Weekly, offers a detailed look at the rise of home-based working in travel and an explanation of the varying models used by different homeworking companies.

The guide also provides practical advice on how to build a client database and generate leads, first-hand accounts from agents who have switched to homeworking from other areas of travel, and profiles from partner agencies outlining how they work with agents.

Travel Weekly editor-in-chief Lucy Huxley said: “We hope our new Guide to Homeworking will be a valuable tool for anyone thinking about the next step in their travel career.

“While the past few months have been incredibly challenging for everyone in our industry, we have been heartened by the number of homeworking agencies opening their doors to new recruits and offering a vital lifeline to agents affected by redundancy or company restructuring.

“Whether you’re a high-street agent with years of experience or someone who wants to branch out into owning your own business, we hope this practical, no-nonsense guide can be a good starting point to help you plan for the future.”

Travel Weekly’s Homeworking Directory offers essential information, company profiles and contact details for 22 homeworking agencies.