In the third of a series of features sponsored by the Bulgarian Tourist Board, we take a look at Destination Rila

Destination Rila boasts Rila Mountain, the highest mountain tops in Bulgaria and myriad rivers and mountain lakes. But it is also much more than that.

Situated in south-western Bulgaria between the towns of Dupnitsa, Rila and Bobshevo, the regions encompasses the valley of the Struma River, the west and north-west mountain faces of Rila and the east faces of Ruen.

On its territory are 28 mountain and high mountain lakes, eight peaks of more than 2,000m and a unique plant and animal world.

For lovers of history, the region is also home to more than 45 churches from various dates, in addition to chapels and monasteries including the Rila Monastery, established more than 10 centuries ago and renowned for its impressive frescoes which have been preserved throughout the centuries.

The main church is the centerpiece of the largest monastery complex in Bulgaria, a Unesco World Heritage Site which also features a history museum, the ethnographic collection, the picture gallery, the Tower of Hrelyu, the cook-house, the Monastery agriculture museum and four churches in close proximity to the monastery.

All of this makes Rila an outstanding monument to Bulgarian culture and spirit.


Culture and activity

In addition to its historic sites and the many religious monuments in the towns of Dupnitsa, Rila and Boboshevo, Destination Rila also boasts an impressive cultural calendar and also appeals to those looking for activities and adventure.

If customers want to feel a part of traditional Bulgarian folklore and have an experience they will never forget, encourage them to visit the Babinska mahala architectural complex near Rila where they can sample traditional lifestyle and culture.

3An unmissable experience is the Kuker ritual in the village of German, where costumed men perform to scare away evil spirits.

For those keen on bird-watching and sports and activities, Destination Rila offers ornithology tours, horse and bicycle trails, off-road hiking and rafting, kayaking and fishing on the rivers Rilska and Struma.

For those looking for a real adrenaline rush, customers can also try out rock and ice climbing.

If clients still need persuading, remind them that a visit to Destination Rila will offer a wonderful opportunity to immerse themselves in the region’s mystique and legends.

From small villages to large towns, a wealth of beautiful and lively stories abound, and visitors can revel in images from the distant past and feel the unique spirit of humility which underpins them all.

So do you accept the challenge? Destination Rila is expecting you!