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Gibraltar is situated at the western end of the Mediterranean, forming one of the ancient Pillars of Hercules. Gibraltar is known for its natural history and heritage and its unique and varied tourism product.

Visitors enjoy its magnificent nature reserve and attractions such at its tunnels and caves, birdwatching, dolphin watching and diving. Other attractions include the Skywalk glass observation platform and the Windsor Bridge, along with unique walking trails on the upper rock.

Shopping in Gibraltar is VAT-free and the currency is sterling.

Can you travel to Gibraltar?

Gibraltar introduced restrictions for travellers coming from the UK following the outbreak of a new strain of the virus, which took effect on December 23, 2020.

You can still enter Gibraltar if you are a registered Gibraltarian or have residence there, if you are a Spanish national or resident in transit to Spain, if you are in transit to a vessel (with a pre-clearance letter granting permission), if you are working in Gibraltar or if you have had a letter from the Borders and Coastguard Agency granting permission.

If visitors don’t meet those criteria, they will not be able to enter Gibraltar.

Those who are eligible to enter must fill out an online passenger locator form (here) once they have checked in and been allocated a seat number. On return to the UK, travellers will need to self-isolate and comply with testing requirements.


How can you reach Gibraltar?

There is a service four times a week from Heathrow to Gibraltar operated by British Airways, and easyJet’s published schedules currently show services operating.

There is no update on access by cruise ship passengers.

What safety measures can travellers expect on arrival to Gibraltar?

Masks are required in all public spaces and on public transport, with buses operating at 75% capacity. Social distancing is in place in all areas, there are limits on the number of people able to enter shops, and there are additional disinfection and cleaning measures in place around Gibraltar.

There is a Rapid Covid-19 Testing Service at Gibraltar International Airport, for airline passengers and non-residents of Gibraltar. You can register and pay for your test in advance here (cost £50), and you will be informed of the result by text and email within an hour.

On arrival at the airport, the following measures are in place:

  • All public health advice is available on the Gibraltar airport website, on signage in all areas throughout the terminal, on handouts and on the flight information display screens.
  • Implementation of the various aviation security easements and dispensations as directed by the UK Department for Transport and ratified by the Civil Aviation Security Regulation here in Gibraltar.
  • Dispensers containing alcohol-based gels are available throughout the whole departure and arrival process in all public areas and at staff workstations.
  • All public counters are fitted with self-standing screens.
  • All toilets and washrooms are cleaned periodically throughout the day and are available for hand-washing.
  • Social distancing at every public counter, stickers on the floor in the queuing areas, PA announcements and enforcement through ad hoc foot patrols.
  • All trays and tables at central search are disinfected daily, as are trolleys used in arrivals and the main concourse.
  • All public seating has been relocated to observe social distancing with seats cordoned off to achieve this. All of them are disinfected daily.
  • All touchable surfaces (handrails, lift buttons, door handles etc) are cleaned regularly throughout the day.
  • Staff are issued with face shields for use when it is not possible to maintain social distances with gloves available for searching both persons and bags.

Tourist attractions
The Gibraltar Nature Reserve and Upper Rock tourist attractions (apart from the Skywalk) are closed.


There are signs in all public places advising on social distancing and other measures. Hand sanitisers are available in many public areas.

Coach terminus
Social distancing, additional cleaning and hand sanitising measures are in place.

Tourist information offices
Screens are in place between visitors and the information officers. Social distancing, additional cleaning and hand sanitising measures are in place.

Bars and restaurants
All bars and restaurants are closed at present. Social distancing measures have been put in place with tables a minimum of two metres apart, a limit of 50% of normal capacity, and all staff required to wear face coverings. Additional cleaning measures are also in place and reservations must be made in advance.

Social distancing is advised, and group gatherings must not exceed 16 people.


PICTURES: HMGoG Press Office

Last updated January 21, 2021