The number of properties offered by business-to-business services provider Hotelbeds has risen by 50,000 to 170,000.

The expansion was revealed today at World Travel Market as the company gave an update on the latest stage of the integration of Tourico Holidays and GTA into the group.

The expanded range of hotels offers clients a wider choice of accommodation, particularly in the North American and Asia-Pacific markets where Tourico Holidays and GTA respectively have strong footprints.

The company confirmed that the number of clients connected to its platforms via the wholesale channel have now risen to more than 7,000 following Tourico Holidays and GTA joining the group.

This both diversifies and increases the reach that hotel and ancillaries suppliers now have by partnering with the group.

Current IT platforms are handling around one billion search requests a day – with peaks of up to 1.5 billion – from customers following the inclusion of Tourico Holidays and GTA.

Carlos Muñoz, bedbank managing director at Hotelbeds Group, said: “It was only five weeks ago today that we announced that GTA had officially joined Hotelbeds Group, but already much progress has been made and we remain more committed than ever to innovation in the B2B space.

“We´re very pleased to confirm to our customers that the number of unique hotels available has risen – with the inclusion of both Tourico Holidays and GTA´s offering – from around 120,000 to approximately 170,000.

“When you keep in mind that the majority those hotels are directly contracted, that means we can offer our clients an even more diverse range of accommodation globally, at the best prices and under the best conditions. Additionally we can now also confirm that we are working with over 7,000 clients via the wholesale channel globally.

“The size of our new enlarged group is reflected in that our IT platforms are now handling each day around 1 billion searches, with peaks of up to 1.5 billion searches.

“We look forward to providing our customers and suppliers with further updates about the integration over the coming months, but also welcome them to approach us directly to learn more about how these enhancements will help them to grow their businesses even further.”

The Hotelbeds, Tourico Holidays and GTA brands have all collaborated together to form one joint stand at WTM.