Menzies Aviation has launched a redundancy consultation with 1,050 workers at Heathrow and told all staff they are to face a 50% cut in hours, according to the GMB union.

The union said it was informed of the redundancy notices on Monday morning, and said the move was particularly shocking as the company had only recently completed 446 redundancies at the airport.

Late last week, the Unite union confirmed it was entering negotiations with Menzies over a proposed 176 job cuts at Luton airport.

The GMB said the government “must stop ignoring the facts” and put in place a package of measures for “an industry on its knees”.

Trevlyn McLeod, GMB London region organiser said: “I looked at my phone this morning to see a message from the VP Menzies Aviation at Heathrow saying that Menzies was issuing HR1 notices to 1050 of its staff, not only that but all Menzies staff will have to have 50% of their hours cut.

“I was so shocked, especially because we have only just gone through a round of 446 redundancies.”

McLeod added: “I am facing our members daily, listening to their devastating news and concerns. They are terrified about what is happening, they tell me that if their hours are cut by 50% then their pay is cut by 50% but their mortgages and bills aren’t cut by 50%. Members fear that they will lose their homes and their livelihoods because their household incomes are dependent on jobs at Heathrow airport and the supply chain.

“These are hardworking and proud people who are not looking for a handout, they want to keep their jobs, they want to work and the only way that can happen is with government support. Other countries have extended the furlough scheme, why can’t ours?

“The government needs to stop ignoring the facts, this industry is on its knees.”