The complexity of rules and regulations covering overseas travel during the Covid crisis is knocking the confidence of prospective holidaymakers, new research reveals.

More than half (56%) of those with future plans to travel abroad claimed that they found it difficult to understand the current options available to them.

Of those, more than three-quarters (77%) admitted that this difficulty tended to put them off travelling altogether, the poll of 2,152 adults for Skyscanner found.

However, news of a vaccine being rolled out has resulted in 41% of the population feeling increased confidence in the prospect of travelling abroad within the next six months. 

The nascent confidence is backed up by Skyscanner data for travel within seven to 30 days from the UK, showing a 62% week-on-week increase in flight searches. 

Global marketing, brand and content senior director Jo McClintock said: “People want to travel and we know there is pent-up demand from the searches we are seeing for flights and for more information, but confidence has been hit by the lack of consistency between countries worldwide regarding measures and restrictions. 

“Consumers just do not understand the complex rules and are crying out for transparent, detailed information.”

The comments came as the company introduced an interactive map on its website to help translate the rules and regulations.

McClintock added: “Our new, simple-to-use and up-to-date Skyscanner map helps travellers navigate the fast-changing travel landscape.

“However, whilst helping travellers better comprehend the current complexities can go a long way towards building confidence, it is only one piece of the puzzle – we need to see urgent, global co-ordination and harmonisation to firmly accelerate the travel recovery.”