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Consumer media partner: Global

Global, the media & entertainment group is home to some of the UK's biggest and best-loved brands - Heart, Capital, Classic FM, Radio X, Capital XTRA, Smooth, Gold, LBC as well as digital platforms PopBuzz and WeTheUnicorns. Across broadcast, mobile, social and live we reach 32 million people every week. At Global, our Commercial Team are obsessed about connecting passionate audiences with brands through the power of music and entertainment.

Travel is a passion point for any age group. After all, who doesn’t want to spend time with friends or family, explore a new destination or immerse yourself in an entirely new culture?

At Global, we have brands that represent every consumer stage of the travel market. From the young millennial audience who are making brand choices for the first time, to the family audience who are busy juggling their home and worklife balance, to the increasingly attractive older audience. This mature audience are post family, finding their independence again and re-establishing their relationships with themselves and their partners. They are affluent and engaged; with more money and time to spend on themselves than ever before and we know a lot about them.

Global can target this valuable audience programmatically through broadcast and digital channels. Digitally, this is via DAX, Global’s Digital Audio Exchange.

DAX gives brands access to 140+ publishers from podcasts to on-demand music services reaching 60 million unique users each month making it the biggest digital audio platform in Europe. Digital audio makes it easy for brands to access consumers on-the-go via their smartphones or tablets, directly or programmatically and by using innovative binaural 3D audio technology.

Through the power of data, DAX provides the platform to target desired audiences with immersive audio and at scale from adventure enthusiasts to families and city breakers.

Audio doesn’t put travel brandsin front of the consumers’ eyes. It puts the advertiser right between the consumers’ ears.

Global also enables brands to have a more immersive experience with consumers, driving brand love, through partnerships, where the client brand becomes inextricably woven into the fabric of the broadcast brand. The solution we offer depends entirely on the client’s objective.

Whatever marketing challenge faces a client, with Global, your audience awaits.