Israel is tiny in size, but massive in what it offers its visitors. This fascinating country has truly been blessed with so many positive attributes: great weather, diverse landscapes, great culinary traditions and millennia of history and archaeology to explore. It’s the Holy Land, home to important religious sites for many world beliefs, but it’s also a country where going out and having fun is a way of life. It’s a perfect holiday, all wrapped up in one package.


Can British travellers visit Israel?

Israel’s borders are currently closed to visitors. Those returning to the UK need to show proof of a negative PCR test, and self-isolate for 10 days on arrival.

However, Israel is currently leading the world in the vaccination effort against Covid-19. It is expected the population will be vaccinated by mid-spring, after which the reopening of the border will be a priority.

What plans are in place to restart tourism to Israel?

As the situation is fluid, no dates have been set for Israel to reopen to tourism. Once the majority of the population has been vaccinated, we expect a full plan about reopening to be released.

A new certification called the Purple Badge was established during the pandemic, which all businesses must adhere to in order to open. To achieve certification, businesses must have a dedicated staff member to monitor safety issues as well as to comply with all the enhanced health and safety protocols.

When tourists are able to travel to Israel again, they can be assured all businesses that are open – including hotels, shops, restaurants and bars – are following these protocols.

During Israel’s various lockdowns, efforts have been made to ensure the environment is as safe as possible for the local population, and when borders reopen, Israel will be prepared to welcome visitors with tried and tested methods.

How can British visitors travel to Israel?

We will update flight information as soon as Israel reopens to tourism.

Airlines that serve Ben Gurion Airport, just outside Tel Aviv, with flights from the UK include:

  • El Al from Luton, Heathrow and Manchester
  • Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow
  • British Airways from Heathrow
  • easyJet from Luton and Manchester
  • Wizz Air from Luton


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Last updated February 15, 2021