Passengers due to fly from London airports on Wednesday morning face possible disruption from fog, British Airways has warned.

Travellers due to fly to or from one of the capital’s airports were urged to check the status of their flight before setting out.

Early morning flights from Heathrow to Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Leeds/Bradford and Milan were cancelled and others delayed.

In an alert issued on the airline’s website, BA said: “Thick fog is currently forecast across parts of Southern England on Wednesday and this may affect some flights to and from London’s airports throughout the morning.

“We are aiming to run a full schedule, but for safety reasons air traffic control may have to allow greater space between landing aircraft if the fog begins to form.

“This in turn will result in a reduced number of aircraft being allowed to land each hour.

“We are sorry for the potential disruption and delays which may be caused if thick fog materialises and will do all we can to minimise the effect it has on our operations.”