Video conferencing is is the new ‘normal’ and if you’re not used to them then the technical and sound based problems can make these even harder to get right. Here are Reality Training’s six key tips.

Wear Headphones.
These will cut out masses of noise around you. There’s nothing worse than having echoing, and loud sounds being transmitted to your colleagues – so headphones make sense.

Use Mute as much as possible.
When you’re not speaking, mute. This will limit other noises. People object to muting because they forget to unmute – but doing it more will soon become the new habit.

Join the Meeting Early.
So many of us breeze onto these things a few minutes late, because we know loads of other people are late for these meetings as well! It’s as if we value them less than face to face meetings. If we were all logged in, on time, the meetings would be more efficient and save everyone some time.

Audio pin.
If joining by phone you may need an audio PIN – use it or you’ll just be listening, and your colleagues will wonder why you’re not responding.

If you’re at home with partner and kids in the background, remember to warn them you’re on the call, or risk subjecting your colleagues to the possible sightings of all sorts of horrors that they simply don’t deserve.

Agendas. No agenda, no meeting.
If you really want to shorten these meetings,
A) send out the agenda the day before.
B) ask for everyone’s opinions in advance.
C)Read those submissions before the call.
D) hold the meeting already knowing peoples opinion and ideas – so you move the agenda on more quickly to decisions.

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