Wyndham Worldwide’s RCI timeshare division is being sued for £2.4 million over claims that members of its exchange club have not been able to access properties.

The class action lawsuit has been filed at the High Court in London and litigation is due to begin on Monday.

Almost 500 members of the worldwide timeshare exchange club claim they have not been allowed to stay in other properties, despite there being a pool of 4,000 to choose from.

Some of the UK claimants say they only purchased their timeshare property to enter the exchange scheme and have found it “completely failed to live up to the glossy brochure promises”.

Timeshare owners can exchange their rights of usage to an apartment in one location for a stay at another.

Along with the cost of the timeshare and maintenance fees, there is a cost to enter an exchange club. There is an enrolment fee, an annual membership fee, as well as an exchange fee.

Law firm Edwin Coe LLP, which is representing the 487 claimants, say members have not been able to exchange their properties for ones of similar value at reasonable alternative destinations, and without being required to pay additional fees.

RCI says there is no foundation to the case.

“RCI believes the claims to be unfounded and that the evidence will demonstrate as much,” a spokesman for the company said. “Beyond that we have no other comment at this time as it is our policy to not discuss ongoing litigation.”