BA cabin crew could go on strike over the school half term holiday following the overwhelming rejection of the airline’s latest peace offering.

Following the result of a ballot last week by trade union Unite, in which 82% of members rejected the deal, any further industrial action must happen by June 6.

Unite is due to announce its plans today with reports suggesting members favour four five-day walk outs with one non-strike day in between to cause maximum disruption to BA’s contingency plans.

Speculation suggested strikes could start on May 17, causing disruption over the May bank holiday and half term school holiday.

Weekend newspaper reports also said the Unite union has a war chest of £700,000 to support striking workers built up in part by a 2% levy on members since March.

BA was said to have written to Unite pointing out that the original focus of the strike – pay and conditions – appeared to have been ditched and now it was about reinstating 55 members who have been suspended during the dispute.

This could prompt a further legal challenge against the industrial action, according to reports.