Overcrowded Heathrow will remain capacity constrained after the Government ruled out mixed mode takeoff and landing from the airport’s two runways.

Runways are currently restricted to either take-off or landing and switch each afternoon. Transport minister Teresa Villiers yesterday ruled out a switch to an “all-day” system that may cause more noise to local residents.

Villiers said: “Any potential benefits mixed mode might bring to the airport are outweighed by the negative impact such operations would have on local communities.”

Heathrow residents’ action group Hacan welcomed the announcement although were less enthusiastic about the announcement that the Cranford agreement is to be ended.

This ensures residents in Crandford, close to the airport perimeter, are given respite from the noise of aircraft taking off.

However, with modern, quieter aircraft that are able to take off more steeply, this is considered to now be uneccessary.

The scrapping of the agreement means other towns under the Heathrow flight path, including Windsor, will enjoy fewer aircraft movemements.

The move follows the coalition government cancelling plans for a third runway at London’s main hub airport.