Louis Hurst made his name interviewing and playing the records of stars like Victoria Beckham and Christine Aguilera. Now he hopes to help them spend their millions on holidays.

Currently presenting the Breakfast Portion radio show on Liverpool’s Juice FM, Louis Hurst has expanded his business empire by moving into travel and already numbers pop stars and Premiership footballers among his clients.

Hurst, 27, launched radio production company Largeportion in 1997 and it has since moved into marketing, limousine hire, TV production and mobile phone entertainment.

Now the self-confessed workaholic has set up call centre and web-based travel agency Largeportion Global, which joined the Independence Group, owned by Hays Travel, this month.

Hurst said: “Our research showed holidays were the best way forward. Largeportion is a dynamic company run by young people for young people.

“We are aiming at high-quality service, matching the right holiday to the right person, which will engender customer loyalty and provide a great experience.”

The Independence Group has 130 members, and has doubled in size in the last three years. The group charges a management service fee and handles commercial negotations and payments to operators centrally.

General manager Linda Pyle said: “We’ve taken on a lot more call centre, website and telesales members across the country. Largeportion Global is one of our newest members.”

Hurst intends to become a hands-on travel executive. “It is important to learn the business and add what I know about marketing gained from buying radio and using SMS services. The key words are ‘fun’ and ‘innovation’ and travel is a fun industry with a great potential for innovation.”

The Liverpool-based agency has employed staff from high-street travel chains and is looking to recruit more call-centre staff.