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Thomas Cook Signature 2006: Specialist Training Part I

Introduction to Specialist Training Part I

Now that you have a better understanding of the destinations that Thomas Cook features, we can explore some of them in greater depth.

The following modules look into the finer details of the Thomas Cook Signature range, and introduce you to some of the issues you may encounter when selling certain products and areas.

After completing them you will have not only a greater understanding of a variety of destinations and travel options, but also the tools to increase your sales with Thomas Cook Signature.

We’ve broken Specialist Training down into two parts. Part one deals with eight key destinations and product categories, from spectacular Canadian Train journeys to perfect weddings.

Before you start, make sure you’ve got all the current Thomas Cook Signature brochures in stock as all the answers can be found in them. If you need to order any Thomas Cook Signature brochures, please do so through

Follow the hints and tips closely as they will help guide you to some of the answers.