Consortium Freedom has launched a new service for members offering them advice on legal enquiries, day to day management and best practice procedures.

The group decided to put the human resources service in place because agents were often having to pay out large amounts of money to solicitors and legal experts to help with their queries.

Now agents can access the service through Freedom’s head office. Prices start from £25 a month, depending on the size of the agency. Members will be receiving letters in December to sign up in January 2007.

Included in the service will be employment law updates, access to the Freedom HR hotline for advice and standard letter templates for areas including recruitment, disciplinary and redundancy.

Freedom general manager Trevor Davis said: “When talking to our members it became apparent that often they were having to seek HR advice from  a solicitor and were being charged up to £150 a time.

“Whether you are a call centre with 100 employees  or a local travel agent with just four  employees, changes in the  law and  general procedure affect you in the same way.”