Budget hotel chain Travelodgeis offering a £25 million bounty to help search for 500 new hotel sites across the UK.

Travelodge is offering up to £150,000 to any individual who finds a new location or building in the UK that results in a new Travelodge hotel opening. Travelodge will pay £500 for each bedroom, up to a total of £150,000 to help its aim to build 500 new hotels by 2020.

Travelodge property director Paul Harvey said: “We are on a mission to open more UK hotels than any other company in history and would like our customers, staff and the general public to get involved. We have a fantastic property team that is already working on hundreds of sites, but you cannot beat local people’s local knowledge.”

Travelodge is targeting almost every major town in the UK, with a major push in Greater London, the southeast, northwest and Midlands.