EasyJet has come to an interim agreement with French pilots as talks continue over working arrangements.

The budget carrier disputed claims published in the Daily Telegraph that staff are expected to work over legal flight time limits and intimidated if they refuse.

EasyJet made clear that it would never ask crew to work beyond their legal limitations.

The airline stressed that it operates to strict regulations and its performance is regularly audited by independent authorities. They have not raised any issues of the sort mentioned by the SNPL union.

The airline does not schedule too many flights nor push pilots to their flight time limitation limits.

Pilot rosters are planned to be well below the regulatory maximum duty limits – just under 90% duties are an hour or more below.

A joint statement from easyJet and the SNPL said: “EasyJet and SNPL have reached a temporary resolution to the issues raised by the union last week and we are meeting later this month to continue our dialogue with them.

“Until that meeting we will not comment further.”