Passengers affected with flight delays and cancellations over the summer were owed £145 million, it is being claimed.

The figure is more than £20 million higher than the same period two years ago, according to flight delays compensation firm AirHelp.

More than 400,000 passengers suffered flight cancellations and delays of three or more hours between June 1 and August 31, data from the company revealed.

Gatwick experienced the highest volume of flight disruption, followed by Luton airport, Stansted, Birmingham and Manchester, based on UK airports with the highest volume of flights in period.

Glasgow, London City and Heathrow were among the best performing airports along with Bristol and Edinburgh.

Glasgow airport was the best performer with 79% of flights taking off on time compared with 64% at Gatwick, Air Help claimed.

A spokeswoman said: “The summer period is always one of the busiest times to fly during the year, with many flights delayed and cancelled.

“We advise passengers who are due to travel over particularly busy periods to consider flying from the best performing airports in the ranking to ensure they are at a lower risk of experiencing a flight delay or cancellation.”