A well-known sales executive from Classic Collection has given her top money-saving tips to a national newspaper in the hope it will lead to a weekly column.

Sophie Thackeray, who is best-known as ‘Conference Kittie’ on Twitter, revealed to The Sunday Mirror’s Saira Khan how holidaymakers need to ask for some “added value” to their holidays instead of money off.

She then went on to list “extra special treatments” sometimes available which can “add a bit of luxury to the trip”.

Khan started following Thackeray on Instagram after she published a post celebrating Classic Collection’s recent success at The Travel Network Group awards last week.

Thackeray said: “[Khan] is a very passionate traveller so she messaged me after seeing my Instagram post and I ended up giving her some tips.

“I feel over the moon after all this time in the industry. I was delighted to be involved.”

Thackeray, who has more than 25 years’ experience in the travel industry, said it would be the “absolute dream” if she could write a weekly column, offering readers advice on how to save money on their holidays.

“It was just nice that a newspaper could feature someone else on their pages other than [travel journalist] Simon Calder,” she added.