Democracy is a good thing. Democracy allows everyone to have a say in what gets done. Like who gets to choose the new chairman for ABTA.

We (the members) have finally been given that opportunity. As such, the responsibility lies with all of us to make that choice.

Read more on the fight for the ABTA chairmanshipThe greatest enemy of democracy is apathy. Failing to vote because we can’t be bothered, or because we believe we can’t affect the outcome, is to abdicate that responsibility.

The result will only be meaningful if a representative proportion of the membership applies its cross to the ballot paper.

So, who to vote for? Certainly, the big boys have made up their minds. Both TUI and Thomas Cook have clearly indicated their preference in this election.

There are also those members who believe that a background in the corporate world, and an understanding of the “bigger picture”, are the key attributes required of our new chairman.

And the rest of us? Who should we be voting for? We, who run our own travel businesses, day in and day out. We, who actually deal with customers, face to face.

Small and medium-sized businesses, paying the majority of the ABTA subscriptions. We, who have it in our power to determine the outcome of this election, because we have the majority of the vote.

And one of our own, Daniele Broccoli, has dared to throw his hat into the ring; to challenge the establishment.

Don’t think for a moment that Daniele Broccoli does not understand the magnitude of the task. Daniele Broccoli is not naïve.

He too, can see the “big picture”, but from a very different perspective. Certainly, he sees, and understands the need for unity. Undoubtedly, he recognises that ABTA has to serve all its members, big and small.

But he also knows that we, the grass roots members, have been consistently under-represented in recent years. Daniele Broccoli will ensure that our voices will be heard, our needs considered.

So, vote for the person you think will do the best job, for you. Vote for the candidate who lives the day-to-day frustrations that exist at ground level in this industry.

Vote for the person who wants your association, your ABTA, to work for your best interest.

Vote for Daniele Broccoli.