A gay specialist tour operator has launched a fully bookable agents-only section on its website.

Amro Worldwide managing director Andrew Roberts said the site had been set up to let agents set up their own working accounts.

All pricing in the agents’ section will be displayed with their commissions included, although agents will then be able to adjust pricing should they wish.

Roberts said while the site features prearranged packages for certain holidays such as Mardi Gras or honeymoons, everything else can be dynamically packaged under Amro’s ATOL bond.

He now hopes to have 12 agencies initially signed up to the site and actively using it by the end of the year.

Roberts added: “There haven’t been huge changes to the website, otherwise there’s a lot of information on the destinations and where particular properties are.

“We can make sure customers are staying within walking distance of the clubs rather than a 20-minute taxi ride away.”