Travellers planning to fly in or out of the UK today face further delays, diversions and cancellations.

Following freezing conditions overnight, which have continued into this morning, and with the threat of more snow on the way, airports are battling the conditions.

Travellers are being advised to contact their airline before leaving home.

Heathrow is currently open with both runways clear, although there are still delays and cancellations due to the knock-on effects of yesterday’s bad weather.

Gatwick is open, but is also suffering the knock-on effects of delays and cancellations. The airport is warning it may be affected by further snowfall later today.

Luton, Stansted, Edinburgh and Glasgow are all anticipating further delays, diversions and cancellations.

Birmingham, Manchester and Southampton are all open and  maintaining normal services, but may also be subject to further delays and cancellations.

Exeter is anticipating maintaining standard operations throughout the day.