Independent travel agency Affinion Travel is to set up a network of between 50 and 100 homeworkers within a year as it expands the business.

The Kettering-based agency, one of the largest independents in the UK, has a 150-strong call centre in Kettering but has now launched a recruitment drive to establish a nationwide network of homeworkers.

Commercial and product director for travel Mark Mitchell said the move would allow the company to expand “quite considerably and quickly” to service new clients. The agency works with closed user groups, such as banks and charities, to fufil their travel needs. Eearlier this year it outlined plans to double the size of the business in 12 months.

“We are still expecting to hit our numbers and it’s going exactly to plan. It’s completely realistic to expect between 50 and 100 homeworkers to be recruited in the next 12 months to support the new business we are about to win,” he said.

He added: “Homeworking will allow us to be more flexible in how we service our clients and allow us to respond to them more quickly. We have been successful recruiting locally but there comes a point where you exhaust the opportunities in the area. This is not to diminish the importance of recruiting locally; it will also allow some of our exsiting call centre staff to work from home if it suits them better.”

Homeworkers with at least two years’ experience are being sought to service calls for at least 14 hours a day.

The homeworkers will be employed by the company on fixed basic salaries and commission on sales and enjoy the same benefits as staff. They will be fed sales leads rather than having to generate their own business. Technology is provided for successful new recruits.

Applicants need to apply online on