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Britons are increasingly looking to merge work trips with leisure time, with more than a third saying they have added on a holiday to business travel.

The findings come from Expedia’s ‘Travel Wellbeing Report’ which reveals that the lines between work and leisure are increasingly blurring.

Those aged up to 35 – so-called British Millennials – are twice as likely to extend a work trip into a personal holiday compared to their older counterparts.

When they do manage to get away on a leisure break, some travellers admit to being ‘always switched on’ to work whether they are close to home or on a global adventure.

As many as 16% of Britons admit to regularly checking their work emails or voicemail when on holiday. This number rises to 1 in 4 for British Millennials, according to the study.

Britons, who receive less annual leave than most Europeans, are more likely to grasp every opportunity for a break, by almost 10%. managing director Andy Washington said: “With the ever-increasing pressures of day-to-day life, people are getting creative and adding on holiday time when they can.

“Bonus breaks are a great way to add a short break and briefly unplug from work without using up too much of your holiday allowance.

“Adding a short break to your holiday is a great way to get around the challenges of finding time with the pressures of conflicting schedules.

“Even short breaks can make us feel more rested and ready to tackle our ‘to-do’ lists when we return to work. The key is to use technology and flexible working to enhance – rather than interfere with – our holidays and much-needed time off.”