Start-up transatlantic private jet carrier Bliss Jet plans to start services between New York and Stansted in January.

Seats on the 10-14 passenger charters are $11,995 each way – claimed to be “significantly” less expensive than the cost of regular private jets.

Flights are due to depart from New York La Guardia airport on Sunday nights arrive at Stansted in time for a full business day on Monday.

This is a change from the original plan unveiled in the summer for a service between New York’s Westchester county airport and Biggin Hill in south-east London.

Return flights are due to depart from London on Friday afternoons so travellers can conduct morning meetings and arrive in New York for the weekend.

Latest model aircraft such as the Gulfstream G450 and G550, will be used for the flights.

Flights will be operated for Bliss Jet by Jet Access Aviation and White Cloud Charter under public charter approvals issued by the US Department of Transportation.

Bliss Jet chief executive David Rimmer said: “Earlier this year, Bliss Jet announced plans for this groundbreaking service for discerning travellers seeking a unique, private-jet experience superior to any scheduled premium cabin service, yet far more cost-effective than bespoke private jet charter.

“While initial feedback was extremely positive, many customers requested a more convenient New York area airport.

“Operating at the historic, uncongested Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia will make travel more efficient for our clients who schedule their lives in minutes not hours.”

He added: “We are offering all the advantages of a private jet experience without the expense, and bypassing the inefficiencies of today’s inter-continental business class travel.

“Not since the days of the Concorde has there been a door-to-door, New York to London journey this fast or refined.

“Throughout our careers in private aviation, the Bliss team has catered to the needs of the world’s most prominent and successful people.

“This includes CEOs, heads of state, royalty, film and music superstars, and ultra-high net worth individuals, all of whom have very high expectations when they travel.

“Bliss Jet’s clientele will benefit from that priceless insight with a new ultra-exclusive service that will surpass their expectations.”

Passengers will be able to choose customised meals from an extensive menu while the aircraft will offer a variety of in-flight entertainment and worldwide Wi-Fi.

Concierge services will arrange ground or helicopter transportation upon arrival, and private charters for passengers flying within the UK, to Europe or to other destinations.