The Tourism Authority of Thailand claims holidaymakers should not be put off visiting the country following the New Year’s Eve bomb attacks on Bangkok.

A spokesman said security has been beefed up with a heavy police presence at bus and train stations as well as at the newly constructed airport after the eight explosions, which killed three people and injured more than 30.

However, he said the Tourism Authority of Thailand is yet to receive a single enquiry from the public concerning the attacks and said holidaymakers should not be put off travelling to the country.

He said; “Our attitude is if clients want to cancel their trips normal charges will apply but if they want to amend their bookings and change nights spent in Bangkok with those in their beach resorts, we will do that.”

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is warning of a “high threat from terrorism throughout Thailand” but has not gone as far as to warn against all but essential travel to Bangkok.

Instead its website says: “There is a possibility of further attacks in coming days. British citizens are advised to exercise caution when travelling within Bangkok and wherever possible to avoid crowded public places.”

Thai authorities are yet to blame any group for the attacks in the country where there was a military coup in September. However, rumours persist that the explosions were either the work of elements loyal to former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra or were caused by the new regime, to create an excuse to heighten security.