It’s official – British tourists are bad, but not as bad as they used to be.

British tourists have slipped from worst to fifth worst in Expedia’s latest Best Tourist League, passing the mantle of worst tourists to the French. Although the British were noted for their poor tipping, bad behaviour, poor dress sense, untidiness, and noisy nature they were no match for the French tourists’ unwillingness to speak local languages, tight-fistedness and impoliteness.

However, British hoteliers were in no doubt that their countrymen still made for the worst guests.’s managing director Caroline Cartellieri said: “It’s disappointing to learn that our position in the world rankings hasn’t really changed, and that foreign hoteliers still perceive Britons as noisy, untidy and badly dressed.”

Japanese tourists were the guests most of the 15,000 hoteliers polled in the survey would like to entertain most, followed by Americans and Swiss.

Britons also came in for a bit of a drubbing in the latest Lonely Planet guide, which accused Great Britain of being a nation of celebrity-obsessed, binge-drinking, Internet porn-addicted junk food junkies.