G Adventures is raising awareness of women in the global tourism industry to help the United Nations Foundation on International Women’s Day today.

The small group adventure operator is highlighting initiatives designed to support women in the tourism industry around the world, especially those in developing countries.

Tourism is one of the global industries in which women play an enormous role, representing between 60%-70% of its employment. Yet women still face continued inequality, especially in developing countries, according to the company.

G adventures released an infographic to illustrate that:

  • 10% of all economic activity on the planet is supported by tourism
  • Tourists spend $200 billion every year in emerging markets
  • 66 million women are directly employed by the travel and tourism industry worldwide
  • Despite this, women earn 15-20% less than their male counterparts.

G Adventures founded the Planeterra Foundation to help support positive change in tourism in developing countries by supporting sustainable, social and environmental solutions in their adventure destinations.

These ‘G Adventures for Good’ projects are designed to improve the lives of women by creating sustainable employment opportunities.