EasyJet is offering to support people wanting to change their travel plans to Paris following last night’s terrorist attack.

A gunman shot dead a police officer and wounded two others before being killed by security forces on the Champs-Elysees, which saw hundreds of pedestrians being evacuated.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on a police bus just before 9pm local time.

Eye witnesses told of panic as people ran for cover after hearing gunfire around the world-renowned avenue in the French capital.

The shooting came two days after intelligence agencies thwarted an Islamist plot to target the French presidential election campaign with an attack in Marseilles.

EasyJet said last night: “Following the incident in central Paris our thoughts are with the people of Paris at this difficult time.

“Our schedule to and from Paris is operating as normal this evening and is planned to continue as normal tomorrow.

“Any customers due to travel to or from Paris who feel this will change their travel plans in the next 24 hours should please call us tomorrow morning so we can help.

“Anyone flying first thing who wants to change their plans can arrange it retrospectively when our contact centres open at 8am UK local time.”