An exclusive brochure is being created for AITO Specialist Travel Agents using product supplied by AITO tour operators.

AITO Specialist Travel Agents co-opted panel member Andrew Rowdon said the pilot brochure is currently being put together and 50 copies of it will be sent free of charge to each of the association’s travel agent members.

Featuring product from at least 12 tour operators, including Explore, Kirker, Somak and Sunvil, the first of the themed brochures will focus on wildlife holidays available from this summer and into next year.

The only branding to appear on the brochure will be the AITO agents’ logo and spaces will be left where agents will be able to place stickers with their own details and logos.

Rowdon said agents will be able to order more brochures at a cost of £25 for 50. If the scheme take off, further themed brochures will be put together although it is currently too early to say what areas they would specialise in, he added.

He said: “We’ll need to see what kind of response we get from the brochure but the operators I’ve shown it to think it is fantastic.

“It is now down to how the agents use it and how many bookings they get out of it which will determine its future. I’ll be ordering around 500 copies and mailing it to all my best clients.”

The new brochure is part of the ongoing Closer Ties scheme, which aims to help drive business for AITO members by breaking down barriers between agents and operators.

Speaking  at the launch of this year’s conference, AITO chairman Derek Moore urged agents to attend the operators’ conference in November.

Representatives from more than 20 tour operators are attending the current conference and yet only two travel agents made the trip to Portugal where last year’s operators’ conference was held, he said.