A pre-general election campaign which aims to ensure tourism and its importance to the UK economy remains a priority for the new government is to be instigated this week by Abta.

More than 2,000 candidates standing for election across the political spectrum will be contacted by the travel association with information highlighting the value of tourism to the local and national economy.

The aim is to build on a previous #ValueTourism campaign for the 2015 general election.

The information will cover all aspects of tourism – outbound, inbound and domestic.

Candidates will be asked to share their support for the tourism industry on social media, and we will follow up with those who become MPs in June.

Abta will also outline its priorities for the Brexit negotiations and the travel and tourism industry, including the urgent need for the new government to tackle the rise of fake holiday sickness claims.

A template email that Abta members can adapt and share with their local candidates has been created.

The letter will highlight how their candidates can support the campaign and Abta’s demands of the new government. The letter is available to download from the member zone on abta.com.

Abta chief executive Mark Tanzer said: “It’s vital that candidates understand the value of tourism.  We want them to be advocates for our industry, should they be elected.

“They are many important issues that we will need the new Government to address, including the five Brexit priorities we have set out in our recent report as well as concerns such as airport capacity and the need to reduce Air Passenger Duty.

“We shall also continue to put pressure on newly appointed ministers to take swift action against the rise in fraudulent holiday sickness claims, a critical issue for Abta members as we move into high season.

“Candidates that understand the value of tourism to their local constituents are more likely to be motivated to help the industry address these issues.”