A fall in visitor number to the US blamed on a “Trump slump” has seen prices for holidays in Florida slashed to up to a third cheaper than equivalent trips in Europe.

Researchers for Travelsupermarket claims a typical family could save up to £1,000 by opting for the US over Spain as hoteliers drop prices.

The price differential has been exacerbated by demand for Spain forcing up prices in recent years due to demand switching from Turkey and north Africa, according to the price comparison website.

The Travelsupermarket study also found that parts of the Middle East have become cheaper than Mediterranean destinations due to booming hotel room supply.

Travelsupermarket’s Emma Coulthurst said: “Package holiday prices to Florida have dropped by as much as 35% year on year, following a slump in the sterling to dollar exchange rate in 2016, the Brexit referendum and a dip in worldwide visitor numbers after Trump’s inauguration.

“Brits have always been one of the US’s biggest markets and Florida, particularly Orlando, relies heavily on tourism and can’t afford for us not to go there. Hoteliers, tour operators and airlines have reduced their prices significantly in the hope of encouraging us back.”

Travelsupermarket studied the cost of a seven-day package for a family of four with school-age children during the half-term holidays at the end of May.

It looked at prices to destinations in the western Mediterranean and the Canary Islands, along with Florida and the Middle East.