VisitBritain has been asked to draw up a list of key areas where the government can act to help drive the visitor economy during the economic downturn.

Following the request, the national tourism agency is now asking workers in the trade to email their own suggestions in, which will then be passed on to tourism minister Barbara Follett.

A stakeholder event will then be held on February 11 giving the minister an opportunity to reply to the comments while VisitBritain will also launch its own strategy plan and the full version of the British Tourism Framework Review.

The new event comes after the National Tourism Summit which was held in Liverpool last Thursday and which was attended by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Andy Burnham and Follett.

During the meeting Brown expressed his support for the industry while Burnham also admitted the importance of the UK tourism industry both in helping promote the country overseas and in creating jobs here.

Burnham also conceded the industry believes the government does not “give enough attention and enough focus to this important industry,” continuing he wanted to address this issue head on.

VisitBritain executive chairman Christopher Rodrigues said: “This was a high profile opportunity at which the tourism industry pressed home the economic importance of tourism, the opportunities and challenges in a global recession, and the need for government investment.

“The Prime Minister, Secretary of State and Tourism Minister left Liverpool totally convinced that tourism is vital in bringing millions of people to visit, watch – and crucially spend money at – cultural and sporting attractions and occasions.

“However, as international travellers demand the highest quality and service for their hard-earned cash, we have to get the message out that Britain offers great value for money right now.

“It is why we will continue to argue the case for additional government funding for a value campaign that can begin now.”