UKinbound has warned that further restrictions on migrant workers following Brexit could damage the industry.

The trade body was responding to the Migration Advisory Committee’s report published yesterday.

The committee called for a cap on the number of high-skilled migrants entering the UK to be scrapped.

The government-commissioned report recommended a policy allowing greater access for higher-skilled migration while restricting access for lower-skilled workers.

Referring to low-skilled workers, the committee said it is “not convinced there needs to be a work route for low-skilled workers” from the EU to fill jobs in industries such as catering or hospitality.

The “possible exception” to this rule could be for seasonal agriculture, where 99% of the workers come from EU countries.

UKinbound chairman Mark McVay said: “UKinbound welcomes the Migration Advisory Committee recommendation that there should be fewer restrictions for higher skilled migrant workers.

“However, the UK tourism industry, which last year generated £24.5 billion from international visitors, is heavily reliant on migrant workers which the MAC would deem ‘low skilled’.

“The skills that our industry needs most are great interpersonal, communication and language skills.

“Since the Brexit referendum, many of our members have struggled to recruit workers with the right skill set in the UK and further restrictions could damage the industry.”