Executive salaries rose last month but those on pay below £40,000 a year saw pay levels fall, according to latest salary statistics.

Pay for new travel jobs went up to its second highest level ever recorded by C&M Travel Recruitment and C&M Executive Recruitment.

The average new travel job came with a salary of £27,850 in September, up 4.71% on the previous month to bring it just £164 behind the record £28,014 figure set in June.

Wages also rose by 2.38% from September last year, while the rolling 12-month average showed that salaries for new jobs in travel have risen by 2.73% over the past year.

The figures were largely a result of the month’s increased number of higher paid senior roles paying £40,000 and above.

But salaries for standard travel jobs fell by 4.48% to £24,129, while remaining 3.93% up year-on-year, with the 12-month rolling average up by 5.59%.

Double digit monthly rises for both the number of new candidates and the number of new travel jobs were recorded in September.

However both measures also saw double digit falls compared to the same month last year.

New candidate registrations have now fallen for four months in a row from the exceptionally strong summer 2017 period, according to the specailist recruitment firm which carried out the survey.

Director Barbara Kolosinska said: “The three best months for travel salaries since our index began have all occurred in the past four months, so it’s absolutely accurate to say that we’re seeing positive wage growth at the moment.

“However, a better indicator of the industry’s health is the 12-month rolling average which is up 2.73% – a healthy figure, but not hugely above the rate of inflation.

“While it has been a varied year for travel salaries so far with rises in five months and falls in four, wages are consistently above last year’s levels and many attractive new roles are being created each day.”